Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not in my house!

Every now and then I see a product and my first thought is ... whoever designed that doesn't have kids.  That would never work in my house!


Most recently, I was looking at small bathroom trash cans.  I wanted something with a lid, to keep  my 1 yo out of the trash.  Our current trash can has a lid that randomly pops open, and if it is shut, she can easily open it.  As I was searching, though, I kept seeing the hands-free trash cans that open with an infra-red sensor.


An infra-red sensor?  With kids?  First of all, it wouldn't keep the 1 yo out ... a wave of her hand and she'd have instant access.  Secondly, I'd have kids standing there getting it to open and close, open and close, open and close, endlessly.  Thirdly, someone would start dancing or toss a towel across the room, and trigger the sensor at the wrong moments. It just wouldn't work.


I can see how a new parent with a first baby might think this was perfect for throwing away diapers easily, but as soon as that baby became a toddler, they'd change their minds.  Either that, or my kids are just more persistent, active, and wild than other kids.  I just wouldn't want to take on one more battleground ... er, I mean training issue ... when there are so many other struggles already.


What have you seen lately that made you think, "Not in my house!" or "Not with kids!" ?


April E.


  1. Just about everything in my house since little boy started crawling. Ugh. He loves cords and is always going straight for the laptop cords.

  2. Yeah, my 1 yo tossed the laptop to the ground 5 days before she turned one. It was just starting up at the time, and destroyed the hard drive. We lost everything ... not worth paying $1000 to see if it can be retrieved ... but this means daughter has to start over in Spanish (again) and I lost all Crew materials from last year that were e-products. Steve lost tax information and business accounting stuff, too.

  3. Floor lamps. Seriously. I may as well put a fire pole in my living room.

    My hubby was having a conversation with some other adults at work and mentioned that floor lamps are definitely out with kids. They looked at him like he had 2 heads. "Oh, we just tell our kids no rough housing and they don't rough house."

    Apparently they don't have any 2-year-old who can scale walls.

    Or boys who trip over their own feet, slamming into things and knocking them over. Purely by accident.

    Or fort building.

    Or maybe they just don't have 4 kids?

  4. Ugh! I know. I often feel like I must be an alien with monster children when others say they just "don't allow that" in their home ... and it works for them. I just think ... how do you stop it?!?!

    My kids ask "why" and they aren't satisfied with a "that's just the way it is" type answer, or "we'll tell you when you're older". Mine really want to know why, and why not.


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