Thursday, December 22, 2011

How long can a person blog?

I know that some of my favorite bloggers when I began blogging six years ago are no longer writing regularly on their blogs.  Some just quit entirely.  Not all, but many.


So how long can a person blog before they just run out of things to say?  Before they feel as if they've become mundane, repetitive, and superfluous.  Superfluous.  I think that's how I've been feeling lately.  As if I don't really have anything to say that isn't being said by someone else, on another blog, and probably better than I can say it.  In other words, I'm superfluous.


To be honest, my life lately has been hectic, feeling as if I'm constantly running in circles, putting out fires, spinning too many plates, wearing too many hats.  Did I use all the cliches yet?  Despite its hectic pace, it's still been very mundane.  No major excitement.  Just doing what needs to be done daily to care for my husband, our 8 kids (teens down to toddler), our home, my mother-in-law with alzheimers, and still meet our community obligations at church, homeschool group and 4H.  Somehow that has all seemed too blah to write about.

I guess I should return to posting the little funny moments that brighten my day and make life enjoyable.  Or the little successes, no matter how small, that let me know I am not failing at the tasks God has given me.

I don't want to quit blogging.  I'm just not sure what to say.  What can I write that will bless, encourage, and cheer someone else?  What can I write that is honest and true, and not depressing?  Because I am tired, and sometimes I am discouraged.  I often sit at this computer screen and stare at the blog dashboard, and I realize I just have nothing to give, nothing to say.  So I dash away to facebook where I can post 3 sentences and receive feedback from my family and friends instead.


Life is a little less hectic now that my oldest daughter has earned her actual driver's license.  I'm able to spend less time running to town.  My mother-in-law no longer requires daily visits from me, since my husband often takes her medications to her on his way home from work.  I still run her to hair appointments and doctor appointments, but I am not having to be there every afternoon.


Maybe once Christmas is over, and January is under way, I'll find more time to blog again.


April E.


  1. As a mom of many I enjoy hearing about how other moms are really human and not supermom. That encourages me! I also love the funny things children say and do given from mom's perspective.

  2. You described me in your 4th and 5th paragraphs. It helps me to know I'm not the only one who feels discouraged or has to look for the successes so I don't feel like a failure. Really, I like to read the funny things that you'd probably post on facebook. I've taken to posting on FB and overlook my blog, but now I'm going back and putting all of those on my blog because before I joined FB, that's exactly what I would have put on my blog. I love also knowing about how other families struggle and succeed in their homeschooling journey because then I know it's not just me, know what I mean?

    So, if you post 3 lines on Facebook, maybe considering taking the time to post it here, too? I'd love it and you would make a difference to me.

  3. I think writing just two or three quick sentences would be fine on your blog too. :)

    I love hearing about the different aspects of people's lives through their blogs. Whether happy, sad, discouraging, boring or anything else. Because to me that's not how it feels. I like to rejoice with them, or say a quick prayer for them or just smile at the funny thing that happened.

    I'm glad your life isn't as hectic right now, and I have a newly licensed teenage driver in the house too, and it does help a lot. :D

  4. Anything you write, even just a short post, is like a visit from a friend.

    It's worth reading!

    Mrs. White


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