Friday, December 30, 2011

My word for next year ...

Two years ago, I felt like my word for the year was just ... persevere.


Last year, I wanted my word to be ... peace.


The past few months, I've taken the word our pastor is teaching about and tried to focus on it ... joy.


As I look at 2012 approaching, I still need to persevere.  I still long for joy and peace.  I'm not making resolutions simply because I am supposed to.  I don't want to make them out of tradition, and break them out of tradition.


But I have another word ... responsibility.  I have responsibilities that I'm not fulfilling to the best of my ability.  I'm not doing my best for God, or my family.  I need to do better, give more in some areas:

  • time with God and reading His Word

  • nurturing my marriage

  • listening to each of my children

  • training my children

  • homeschool preparations

  • hitting all those "little extra" school subjects it's easy to let slide

  • meal planning

  • house work and laundry

  • living frugally

  • gardening

I know I need to improve in these areas.  My husband and kids know I need to improve.  The house SHOWS that I need to improve.  I've been slacking at my job, not fulfilling my responsibilities, letting God and my family down.


I need wisdom to know how best to change.  I need perseverance to stick with the tasks.  I need joy as I go about my work.  I need the peace that these changes will bring about.


Not making resolutions.  Just fulfilling my responsibilities.


Serving Him,
April E.

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