Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ahhh -- a blank calendar

I looked at this upcoming week on the calendar and saw nothing.  Nothing.  Can I admit that I smiled and let out a big sigh of relief?

I was telling Steve about it, and I immediately realized I do have a few things going on this week ... Wednesday evening church with the kids, and my sister is coming this next weekend.  But there isn't a single appointment to interrupt my days with the kids.  Nothing to interrupt school-time or to disrupt our chores and meal preparation time. 

I like weeks like this.  It has become rare for me to have a week without interruptions, so I treasure them when they occur.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I'll be super-productive this week.  I might tackle more projects, or I might just enjoy the extra breathing room.  Often when these open weeks occur, I intend to do more, but end up just enjoying the slower pace.

Anyone else have a blank calendar this week?  Or maybe mostly-blank?  LOL!!

April E.

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