Thursday, January 19, 2012

ElCloud's One Thousand Gifts, To Focus On Joy

I didn't join the bandwagon when I saw bloggers across the internet creating their lists of 1000 Gifts.  It interested me, but I resisted being one of the crowd.

I've always created lists.  Since high school or college I've made journal lists of things I'm thankful for, especially when I needed an attitude correction.  I've made lists of Bible verses or quotes to inspire and encourage me in the different roles God has given me as a wife, mother, homeschool teacher.  When I began to blog, those lists found their way onto my blog occasionally.  They're still there way back in my archives.

When Ann Voskamp published her book, One Thousand Gifts, I didn't go buy it.  I didn't read it.  I didn't think I needed to be reminded to be thankful or see my life as full of God's gifts.  I felt I did that well enough on my own.

But a few weeks ago, when ordering books for schools from our library's website, I saw the book listed as one of the new books, so I requested it.  I started reading it, and decided that maybe I do need to make a list.

I have always practiced making lists of blessings, but it was a retroactive response.  I did it to correct a negative thought pattern.  But, I had never done it proactively, to avoid the blues in the first place.

The past year has been increasingly difficult for me to keep my perspective.  I need to be focused on joy and grace and truth.

So I started my list, and I'll share it here.  If you're bored with the 1000 Gifts lists, I'm sorry.  Just ignore me, then.   I realize I'm a little late to the party.

1000 Gifts (started 1/17/2012)
1.  big brown eyes staring into my face
2.  round baby cheeks
3.  toothy toddler grins
4.  baby fine hair curling out behind perfect little ears
5.  blue eyes with long dark lashes
6.  singing teens baking in the kitchen
7.  sleeping children
8.  hubby safely home from work
9.  toddler begging for books
10. peaceful quiet with the television turned off
11. ceiling lights brightening our home (we used to only have lamps)
12. a tiny finger exploring my face
13. toddler chatter, telling stories to me and the cat
14. teens sharing hopes and dreams with me
15. trust in my child's eyes
16. crawling under warm soft covers after a long day
17. a loved one's voice on the telephone
18. teens safely home from a trip to town
19. librarians who know my interests
20. church family who love my family
21. a caring doctor who listens
22. a patient beautician that understands my mother-in-law's alzheimer's disease
23. fleece jammies keeping my children warm
24. fleece blankets on a cozy couch, snuggling with my best friend-husband
25. fresh pure snow

April E.

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