Monday, January 9, 2012

The trouble with homeschooling ...

The trouble with homeschooling is that sometimes I forget to make my kids memorize certain lists.  Often those lists are unimportant.  Sometimes they are slightly more important, and then I have to work to help my older kids catch up and learn it.

For instance, it might be nice if my elementary kids knew the months of the year in order, and the days of the week.  I could be wrong, but I suspect that is one of those lists that Kindergarten and 1st graders are forced to memorize.  My 2nd grade son is working on the calendar in his math right now, which prompted me to quiz him and my 5th grade son on the order of the months.  As I suspected, they haven't picked it up via osmosis, and now I need to work more intentionally with them on that little detail.

I'm not sure where this falls on the Mommy Mess-Up Chart.  Is it better or worse than not teaching my kids how to eat sunflower seeds so their friend has to ask them why they're chewing up the shell?  Is it worse than not teaching my kids to tie their shoes until they're 7 and ask me to teach them?

Now, I'd better go find some fun activities or worksheets for teaching the days of the week and the months of the year to my kids.  Maybe after that we should work on alphabetizing skills.

April E.


  1. Good point. There was the moment my mom realized that we were not very good at spelling... the good news is that these kinds of things can be picked up fairly easily. Often, it just takes a little time.


  2. Oh, and if you have MathTacular, there is a fun video with Justin singing the days of the week...



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