Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogging in my head ...

It's not very effective, I know.  I've started so many blog posts in my head, but haven't written them down.  Later, when I am able to get online, I can't ever remember what that blog idea was.  Maybe I need to start a list and carry it with me so I don't find myself staring blankly at the computer screen anymore.  Some of those posts were good ones ... if I could only remember what they were. 

In the meantime, I have sick "littles".  My four youngest are all sick with a cold and cough.  I'm thankful it's not a stomach flu, and it's not influenza.  But  I'm still sorry they're sick.  They're not feeling well, so we have lots of whining and neediness and I've had a full lap for a week now.

I'm trying to decide whether my youngest two have medical needs.  My 3 yo son is a bit immature yet, talking a lot, but not clearly.  He's improving, but it's still hard for me to decipher some of his sentences.  He just preferred not to talk for a long time. Then he jumped into complete sentences, but not clearly pronounced.  I'm torn between just giving him time to mature ... and rushing him. Not just with speech.  He still uses his pacifier.  We've tried to limit it to bedtime and naptimes, but there are times like now (when he's sick) that he needs it more.  He is the only child to have a pacifier this long.  Sometimes I'm okay with it, other times I'm not.

My 1 yo has been bow-legged as a toddler.  She's 16.5 months old now, and still has one leg that is more bowed than the other.  It was at its worst in November and December when she started walking on the outside of her right foot, toeing in, and tripping on that foot a lot.  I upgraded her from the soft leather Robeez moccasins we always use with our toddlers to a pair of Stride Rite shoes with a firmer sole, though still thin and flexible.  My hope was just to stop the foot from rolling to its outside edge and toeing in as much.  That does seem to help when she has them on, and her walk has improved when they're off, too.  I've read that being bow-legged at this age isn't too big a deal and by 18 months she should be outgrowing it.  But, I am constantly watching her walk, observing her leg, and wondering if she's going to need to see a specialist this Spring or not.  I think it's getting better.  I hope.

I am trying to think about what I need to order for school next year.  What textbooks do we need to buy?  Can we get any of it used?  Homeschooling is getting more and more expensive as we have more students at higher grades.  Praying for wisdom and direction ... in many different areas of my life.

April E.

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  1. I hope the children feel better soon!

    I have to start thinking about what I need to buy for homeschooling too. I only have one student left, and plenty of hand-me down books from the older children, so it shouldn't cost too much this year.

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home


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