Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1000 Gifts: Spring is Here

Today is the first day of Spring, and L turns 6 years old today.  She's growing up so much.

I added to my 1000 Gifts list yesterday.  I need to add to it more often.

54. curly toddler hair
55. birthday parties for my children
56. sleepy wake-up snuggles from my little ones
57. daffodils, Siberian Squill, grape hyacinths, crocus
58. red bud trees
59. pear tree blossoms
60. the sound of Spring rains
61. libraries full of books
62. quiet time to think
63. the ache of muscles after a workout that remind me I am alive and getting stronger
64. family growing healthier together
65. a mechanic who keeps a "tab"
66. my 1 yo catching dust in a sunbeam
67. the weight of my cast iron skillet in my hand
68. a God who is so patient and forgiving with me
69. watching my children dance

Living the Life God Has Given Me,
April E.

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