Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't you hate it when you realize you've been doing it the hard way?

Recently I've had several "aha" moments that left me feeling really stupid.  It started when my husband decided to make some eating changes and take his lunch to work rather than facing temptation daily by eating out.  Knowing I'd never be able to get his lunch packed in the morning, I started packing it at night, when I cleaned up the supper dishes and filled the coffee pot for the morning. 

One morning as I was setting out his lunch, filling his travel mugs with tea and coffee, I started to gather his vitamins.  As I shuffled through all the bottles, I pushed a week-long vitamin sorter out of my way.  Along came "aha" moment number one.  I didn't need to get his morning pills ready every single morning.  I could put the four he takes before he leaves into this vitamin sorter on the weekend, and save myself a little time in the mornings.

A few nights later, as I was getting his lunch ready again and setting up the coffee pot, it occurred to me that I could save a little more time for the morning by filling his little vitamin box of daytime-pills that night.  Duh!  How many mornings had I opened 8 vitamin bottles with droopy eyes and sometimes hands not fully awake, rushing to get them ready before he needed to leave?  So now, I fill his morning pills on the weekend, and every night when Steve gets home, I refill the vitamin box he takes with him.

It only took me almost 18 years of marriage and 4.5 years of living here to figure this out.  I feel a little silly about it, but mornings go faster now.  I only have to fill his travel mugs with iced tea and hot coffee, and set everything out for him.  No more mornings where he tells me to forget the vitamins, he doesn't have time to wait.

Well, after those epiphanies, I had an unrelated one.  One day, as I was making iced tea, I got irritated with the tea bags.  Those little tags that wouldn't stay balanced over the edge and always fall in my tea pot after I pour the boiling water over them.  I could twist them together, but they'd still fall in.  One day a plastic bread-bag clip was sitting on the counter, and I just picked it up, and used it to hold the 7 strings together.  The weight of the bread-bag clip held the strings up over the edge of my tea pot.  Now, every time I want to steep my tea bags in boiling water, I grab a bread-bag clip, or a clothespin, and use it to hold the strings together.  I've been making iced tea for 25 years!!  And I just figured this trick out. 

I wonder what else I'm doing the hard way.  I hope I figure it out soon. 

What about you?  You have any "aha" moments recently when you realize you've been doing something the hard way?

April E.

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