Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's the final stretch ...

We have 8 weeks of school left, but there are only 6 weeks of Tapestry of Grace books left.  I either need to lighten the load by stretching two of those weeks into four weeks, or I need to plan some supplemental materials to finish the year.  Since our final week of TOG  is supposed to be studying the three branches of government, I may look around for extra materials to cover government another week or two.  Or I would probably delight some of my children if I did a writing intensive in the final weeks.  They've been requesting more writing assignments.

Several of my children have not finished their math textbooks.  In elementary school, we try to take math at their pace.  Sometimes only doing half a lesson per day, taking time to be sure they really understand the concept before moving on.  In those early grades, we often have them starting new textbooks at odd points in the year.  Because of this I have several kids who are mid-text and want to do math through the summer so they can start the new school year with a new textbook.  I agree that I'd like to see them all do that, so we'll be doing math through the summer.  Since the children made that decision themselves, I hope they'll be self-motivated.  Who am I kidding? I 'm sure I'll still have to remind, remind, remind.

I've been making a list of things I need to buy for next year, and I'm afraid it's a longer list than usual.  But the high school students are going to be taking on a few new subjects (or covering them in a different way) so I need to purchase their materials.  Currently, my largest expense is the high school students.  Most of my elementary and junior high curriculum is reusable and was already purchased.  I just need to replace handwriting, math, and grammar workbooks each year for the younger kids.

Of course, with the warm weather, the kids have spring fever.  They are having a hard time applying themselves to schoolwork, and an even harder time with chores.  LOL!   Some of my kids have allergies, so that means they don't feel well, and it affects their behavior.  I'm trying to be sure they get their allergy meds each day, but we don't always succeed.

Everyone is focused on summer -- making plans, anticipating camps and vacations and fair.  But we still have 8 weeks to finish.  I am trying to think of ways to keep them motivated.

What about you?  How do you motivate your spring fever students?

April E.

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  1. We only have 8 weeks also. I am sorry to say to often I resort to yelling or threatening. I am really having a struggle with my son that is supposed to be graduating in May. He will probably not be done his credits by then and seems to be doing worse by the week, not better. I have no solutions. I keep praying and keep nagging. My husband is behind me on this and knows of the problems. He is helping me find and carry out solutions that will work for our son. Firmness when we make a decision, following through, and consistency are our biggest problems. Life is hard. Prayers, Hugs, and Hope for today and tomorrow.


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