Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh the joys of motherhood

There's nothing quite like having your 1 yo in your lap, playing a game where she sticks things in your face, you roar at her, and she laughs hysterically.  Repeat endlessly.

Then the 3 yo walks up and informs you he's pooped and needs a diaper change.  The 1 yo nods, trying to convey she's also pooped.  (A first for her to tell you that.)

You don't believe her, but you check anyway.  Then you see the signs.  The signs that she is indeed poopy, and she's been digging in it.  Smears on her shirt, and the outside of her diaper.

And her fingers were just in your face. How did you not notice, you wonder?  The smell of  Desitin must have overpowered the smell of the ... other stuff.

You rush away to wash her hands, change her diaper, and put her in a onesie to remove diaper access.  Then you look down and see she also leaked on your pants and shirt. Now you both have clean clothes on.

Yep ... nothing quite like that moment.  At least she's a cute 1 yo, who now has clean hands. Though her second outfit isn't as nice as you usually try to put her in.  (I need to do laundry.) 

On a side note, she's wearing a pink onesie, with pink leopard print leggings that show off her bowed right leg really well.  The leg that's earned her a referral to Children's Mercy Hospital to see a pediatric orthopedic doctor.  Later this year, she may be wearing dresses over a leg brace instead.

But she's a sweet cutie, despite the crooked leg, and despite sticking dirty hands in my face.

Loving being a Mom,
April E.

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  1. Oh, you're so funny, April! I love how you describe your family events and moments! :) You always bring a smile to my face.



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