Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Drink Bands simplify my life

It's probably a problem every family has.  The more people (especially kids) there are in the family, the worse the problem is.  In our home, it's pandemic.  It creates extra dishes to wash (by hand) and frustrates everyone.

It was the collection of drinking cups on the corner of the kitchen counter.  At first, we tried to solve the problem by having everyone use a different type or color of cup.  Inevitably, someone would decide to get out a new one that was the same color or type as someone else.  So then my kids started using rubber bands on their cups to differentiate between whose yellow cup was whose.  Except I never knew which cup belonged to which kid, and sometimes they forgot, too. 

Eventually, I'd look over and see that 6 kids (2 still use lidded cups) had 10 cups out, several of which no one would claim.  So I'd throw them all in the sink to be washed and make them start all over again.  It was messy, and frustrating.

When I heard about the Drink Bands, I was eager to try them.  Lucky for me, they come in 8 colors, and I have 8 kids.  Perfect!  When they arrived, I was thrilled.  I hoped that with the different colors (and maybe a chart to remind me) I'd finally know whose cup was whose.  My teens weren't as excited, but the middle kids were eager to choose a color and put it to use. 

Now, my counter looks more like THIS and we all know whose cup is whose.  No more getting out extra cups because someone forgot which one was theirs. 

Sorry, I won't give you a before picture.  Just add in a few more cups, some thin rubber bands, and probably some dirty dishes beside the sink.  Which left no room for anything else on our small counter top.

The Drink Bands have 8 colors:  green, blue, yellow, orange, light blue, pink, white and purple.  They also come in 2 sizes, small and regular.  Drink Bands are stretchy and can fit a variety of cups and glasses.  In our home, we mostly use the regular ones, but the small ones work better for sippy cups.  The bands also provide a nice grip for hands on the cups, to help prevent spills. 

As I said, my older girls don't really want to use the bands, and I guess that's fine.  They weren't the main part of the problem.  The only negative thing I can think of with the Drink Bands is that my 6 year old's cup somehow always manages to get sticky on the outside, so her Drink Band gets stuck to the cup.  Switching cups requires my help to get the band off and moved to a new cup, but that's not a big deal.  Theoretically the bands don't have to come off when you wash the cups, even in a dishwasher, but we prefer removing them.

Drink Bands would also be great for marking disposable water bottles on car trips.  We've tried writing our names on the bottles, but it's sometimes hard to find the name on each bottle.  Not to mention, sometimes the names wear off.  The Drink Bands would make a very obvious distinction between the water bottles.

Anything that simplifies my life with 8 kids is a winner to me!  If your counter is as cluttered as mine was ... be sure to take a look at the Drink Bands website.

You can buy the Drink Bands in a set of 8 small bands for $12.50.  You can also buy the set of 8 regular bands for $12.50.  If you want both sizes, you can get 16 bands for $22.50.  Bonus: if you're in the United States, shipping is free!

April E.

I received the set of 16 Drink Bands free for review purposes.  The thoughts expressed in this post are my own opinion. I was not obligated to post a positive review.

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