Monday, March 26, 2012

Walk Kansas, week 1 update

The family met our goals for the first week, with each member finishing 2.5 hours of exercise during the week.  Some members exceeded their goal, and some barely made it.  Some of the younger members counted active play for their exercise, while the older members focused on purposeful exercise. 

I can't believe that I went from someone who rarely ever exercised, to completing 3 hours of exercise last week.  My muscles were feeling it all week long.  I discovered that though I didn't care for the ache in my lower back/hips, I did like feeling the soreness in my muscles that told me I'd been using all of them.  I'm hoping the lower back ache doesn't continue beyond this week.  We'll see.

My older daughters have been running, using Jillian Michael's workouts, and Leslie Sansone's 4 and 5 mile walks. 

Steve has been working out once/week with his Biggest Loser group at work, using Bob Harper workouts at home, and he also played basketball with the men from church a couple days this week for a tournament.

My middle kids have been using Leslie Sansone walks, Tae Bo workouts, and playing basketball outside. 

For myself, I did a 2-mile walk with Leslie first, some You Can Do Yoga with Leslie, some Bob Harper Beginner workouts, and Jillian's Yoga Meltdown twice (ouch). 

Saturday the entire family went to the zoo and spent time walking around, up and down hills, though not as quickly as we do in a more purposeful workout.

Now we're on week 2.  I didn't exercise yesterday, as we were busy all day with church.  But I am planning to fit in a 45 minute 3 mile walk with Leslie today.  Though Steve has his mid-challenge assessment tomorrow, so he will probably want to workout with me tonight.  I should ask him what he has in mind before I do my own workout.

I am hoping and praying that this 8-week Walk Kansas challenge will be the start of healthy changes for all members of my family.  I've set a bad example so far, but Steve and I are hoping to change that now.

April E.

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