Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walking Kansas for better health

For the past 9 months, my 15 year old daughter has been on a fitness journey.  She has worked to lose weight and tone her body, and she's done an excellent job!  For the past 2 months, my husband has been on the same journey.  He's lost 25 lbs since January 10, and we've had to switch out some of his pants for smaller sizes.  Watching them both work out so faithfully, even though it was so HARD at first, has been convicting to me.  I knew I needed to work on strengthening my aging body, but finding time was hard when I was trying to protect their work out time (from kids getting in the way or wanting to use the tv).  I tried a few times, but found my 1 yo and 3 yo were a problem.  They wanted to be with mommy so much, they were in the way.

Then Steve read about Walk Kansas and he challenged our family to join him in it as a team, instead of him joining the team at work.  So we talked about it, and we did join him.  We're Team Happy Feet, and I hope we keep happy hearts as we move our happy feet for the next 8 weeks.  Now we're all committed to at least 2.5 hours of active exercise each week.  We are supposed to be pushing ourselves, not just  going outside to stroll down the road or casually ride our bikes.  Unfortunately, I am so out of shape, that even doing yoga is a challenge for my muscles.  But I'm working on it.

This is week one.  Sunday afternoon while some kids were playing outside and the baby was napping, I used a Leslie Sansone video to walk 2 fast miles (half hour total) in the living room.  Monday I didn't fit in any exercise, but today I spent 24 minutes doing yoga ... which is still a workout for my muscles ... and topped it off with a ten minute ab workout.  I couldn't quite keep up with Bob Harper on the ab workout yet, but even at a reduced pace, my abs got a good workout.

This is an 8 week commitment.  I hope we can each meet our goal, all 8 weeks.  But even if we don't, it will still be good.  It will be good that Steve and I modeled a healthy lifestyle to the kids.  It will be good if we all increase our strength and activity levels.  It will be good that we know we can do hard things and push ourselves.  It will be best if we all remain committed to exercising and eating healthy, but even baby steps are good. And some of us ... ahem ... need baby steps.

Walking Kansas with my family,
April E.

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  1. You will do awesome, mom! (: Keep it up and it will get better! I love you!!



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