Thursday, April 19, 2012

Second Unofficial Poll: Liquid Hand Soap?

Two months ago I took an unofficial toilet paper poll, to find out how fast everyone else was using toilet paper.  Many people suggested we switch to Scott 1000 because it lasts longer, and it won't plug up our toilet as much.  We did, and everyone was right. 

So now I have a new problem and a new poll.

How fast does your family go through a bottle of hand soap?  We have been going through one of the small bottles in the bathroom in 2 days.  Two days.  That's basically fifty cents per day to wash our hands if we're using the Wal-mart soap pumps.

I realize we have 9 people home all day, and 10 when Steve is home, but it's still frustrating to replace or refill the bottle so often.  Not to mention the last 6 hours when the pump can't bring the soap off so we take it off and have to pour it into our hands.

I've been trying to think of solutions.  One solution was that I should buy the large bottles of soap to refill with, but dilute it fifty-fifty so it's softer when it comes out, and it will last twice as long.  It should clean just as well, especially if I always add a drop or two of lavender essential oil or tea tree oil to help with disinfecting.

Another solution was to go ahead and buy a gallon of lavender Dr. Bronner's Concentrated Castile Soap and go back to refilling the foaming soap pumps with it.  Yes, I still have to refill it every two days but it only takes a couple tablespoons of the concentrated soap each time.  A plus of this plan is that my sensitive-skinned kids can use this all winter long without eczema on their hands, as long as it's lavender and not the peppermint version. I wonder if that costs more or less in the long run.

Steve's solution was just to put out bars of soap, but we still go through it quickly, the bars make a mess on the sink, and a few of my kids really dislike sharing a soap bar with the whole family.  Germ-freaks that they are.  I need to figure out how long a bar of soap lasts, and how cheaply we can get soap bars, I guess.

What does your family do?  How long does a bottle of soap last in your bathroom?

April E.


  1. We have fewer people and more bathrooms, but our hand soap lasts way longer than 2 days. Maybe we don't wash our hands enough, lol. We buy the gallon refills at Sams. I think that the small bottles last 2 weeks at least. We have 4 bathrooms, plus the kitchen, and 1 of the bathrooms has double sinks so that's 6 bottles of soap though.

  2. April, we only have four of us, but we were going through liquid castile soap faster than I liked. We used to use Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap, but switched to buying some (for the same price) that was made locally by a friend of mine for me. (We didn't prefer to buy from the Dr. Bronner's company because of their philosophical views.)

    Anyway, we've tried several different foaming soap pumps, and have found this one to be the best ever, at least for our family:

    Our nearest store is over an hour away, but I found this when I was there with my neighbor a couple of months ago. If you have a wide enough bathroom counter where you're not afraid of it getting knocked off onto the floor (since it's glass), this is a great product!

    It really dispenses the soap well, and it holds more soap than the typical soap dispensers I've found. It would work even better with Dr. Bronner's, as the homemade castile soap we now use is thicker and a bit tougher to find a good way to use it, even diluted, because it doesn't dilute/blend with water as well as Dr. Bronner's.

    One squirt is usually enough to wash hands with, unless overly greasy or dirty, so I think this might be a good option for you.

    Hopefully, that helps!

    We would consider buying the large refill bottles of other brands of liquid soap, but our hands just can't take any other brands, even soap that is not anti-bacterial. The liquid castile soap does the trick for us!

    And now that Dr. Bronner's is now $15.50 for 32 oz. here in my area, the homemade version I buy from a friend is much more economical as I buy a quart/32 oz. for $10.



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