Friday, April 13, 2012

Seventy-two Hours ... or more

Seventy-two hours is how long it took me this week to do the family's seasonal clothing switch, from start to finish.  We brought the tote boxes upstairs on Tuesday after school and lined the hallway with them, stacked 2 and 3 totes high.  This afternoon I took the last box downstairs and hung up the last of Steve's summer clothes.  Everything had to be washed before they could go into drawers this year, as the basement smell was just too strong. 

Seventy-two hours isn't quite accurate, though.  I spent two days getting all the laundry washed, folded, and put away BEFORE I started the clothing switch.  If I were to be totally fair, I'd have to add forty-eight hours onto the seventy-two hours.  One hundred twenty hours?  Can I subtract my sleep from that?  One hundred twenty seems too overwhelming.

Even now, one daughter hasn't finished her switch.  She has a small stack of potential new summer clothes to try on, and she still has some winter clothes in her drawers.  She's the lone hold-out on finishing the project, but I decided not to keep waiting on her.  She's old enough to do this on her own.  Whenever she finishes, I'll return her unwanted items to a box in the basement.  I left the right box on top of the stack, so it will be easy to access.

Now my hallway is lined with eleven trash bags of clothes and shoes I am not going to store anymore.  Some are items that aren't worth saving from my almost thirteen year old daughter until my six year old fits them.  Some of them were just too worn out to keep.  Some are things that NONE of my daughters will wear.  Some are items that are too large for any of my teen daughters and not worth holding onto in case they gain weight. 

For the first time in several years, all the stored clothes are in tote boxes.  There aren't any trash bags of clothes in the basement, getting smelly.  They get smelly enough even in the tote boxes.  We need to set up the dehumidifier we bought.

I'm so glad we only have to do this twice a year.  I wish we had more closet space and more room for dressers so it wouldn't be necessary.  But we don't, so we just have to deal with it.

What did you do with YOUR week?  Anyone else tackling the dreaded clothing switch?


  1. I don't actually do the clothes switch, because the few years I have, we would have a cold (or warm) snap (or two), leaving me digging for appropriate clothes. Or shivering. And the weather has been so bizarre in our area this year that I don't know what to put on from one day to the next. ;0)

    We do more of a "morph" from one season to the next, where more and more of the new season's clothes are worked into the wardrobe, while outgrown clothes are removed and eventually the previous season's clothes make it into totes or boxes. It seems a little less daunting, not doing it all at once, but it's also a little messy.

  2. Oh yes, we do the clothes sway for our family of 9! The kids always get so excited because their getting new (old) clothes! I have my oldest pull all the totes down from the garage (they are sorted by size, 8-10 boy, 3-5 boy, etc) and I grab the right child and we try on to see what will fit. After we go through the tote, I have them bring me all the winter clothes (or summer) to put back in the totes. It's a day job for us, only because my oldest don't have anything to try on if they have grown too much and the baby has her own tote which we have to get into every 3 months or so. There's always the straglers that I just keep in a tote in my closet as they are found since getting into all the totes again would be a pain!


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