Friday, May 18, 2012

Soap-scummy Me

This morning I was cleaning my sink.  For some crazy reason, I hadn't yet put my glasses on.  I shouldn't do anything without my glasses, but I guess I thought I could see the sink well enough to clean it. 

I cleaned half of it while brushing my teeth, then rinsed it so I could spit out my toothpaste. After I put the toothbrush away, I put my glasses on and turned around to finish cleaning the sink.  With my glasses on, I could really see the sink.  It was so far from clean!  There was still soap scum that I couldn't see with my faulty vision.

As I went back to cleaning the sink, I couldn't help but think how much I'm like the dirty sink.  All my efforts to do the right thing, and to be "good" ... fail.  I may look at my life and myself and think I'm doing a good job, but in God's perfect sight, I'm covered with soap scum still. 

Every now and then, he shows me a bit of what He sees.  I can become self-righteous ... pleased with myself and my efforts.  I can think I've got this parenting thing down, or this Christian-life thing down.  And then my younger kids get in an all-out brawl, or my teens start flinging hateful insults at each other, or I trip over the laundry that I've been ignoring all day.  I lose my patience and let everyone know exactly what I'm thinking at that moment ... at high volume.  And I'm reminded that without God, I'm still a soap-scum-covered sink. 

I'm so thankful that I do not have to earn His love, or earn my salvation, because there is no way I could do it.  If I tried, it would be like me cleaning my sink without my glasses.  My clean could never be clean enough, no matter how many "good" things I managed to do. 

So as I rinsed out the freshly cleaned sink, I gave thanks for Christ's atonement and God's forgiveness.  I need it, every single day.

Praising Him,
April E.

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