Thursday, May 3, 2012

Walking with my Best Friend

Steve and I like to take a walk as part of our exercise regime.  We walk down our gravel road in the evenings, holding hands, and talking.  Sometimes our little mini-Aussie follows along behind us.  We manage to fit in lots of necessary discussions and reconnect with each other as we take our 2 mile walk.  It's become something we look forward to ... like a date.  We get so busy with work, household chores, homeschooling, church, 4H, and the children's needs that we just don't make enough time for each other.  I've missed just having time to talk with Steve, and enjoy time together without distractions.

We started our relationship with lots of long walks around campus, and it's fun to get back in that habit.  Our pace is a little faster now, though, since we're walking for health reasons.  It's so nice to have that half hour alone, when neither one of us can fall asleep mid-discussion. We may not solve everything on our walks, and we may not even solve the little issues, but we do make progress, and we do it as a united team.  

I didn't expect that our 2 mile walks would become so important to us.  We've lived here 4.5 years and have been missing out all that time. Even when Walk Kansas ends, I'm certain that we'll keep walking together.

Married to my best friend,
April E.

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