Thursday, September 13, 2012

Allergies, drippy sinuses, and pregnancy ...

I have mild seasonal allergies.  Most of the time I don't even take allergy medications for them.  But one of the problems I'm having right now is allergy-induced post-nasal drip.  That's not usually a big deal, except I still have a touch of morning sickness and a very sensitive gag reflex.  Trying to clear my throat triggers the gag reflex.  So I'm not clearing my throat, but I'm getting tired of the sensation that I NEED to clear my throat or blow my nose.  There's nothing there to blow out, it's all too far back.

I've tried hot tea.  I've tried cough drops.  I've tried ignoring it.  I've tried more water (but too much of that still makes me feel sick).

I haven't tried taking lots of vitamin C to help the allergies, because I'm still struggling to take vitamins without feeling sick afterward.  It's getting better, but it's not gone completely. 

Does anyone have any tried-and-true suggestions for this pesky pregnancy problem? 

April E.

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  1. Nettle capsules help. I read that they are as effective as over the counter allergy meds. I don't know about that but they cut my symptoms down to at least half on my worst days. I hope you find something that works. I hate allergies!


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