Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I was very pleased to be able to review a flexi-clip from Lilla Rose, from my friend Jennifer's Lilla Rose business.

The flexi-clip is formed in a figure-8 shape, which can bend around your hair.  The pin is attached to the figure-8 so it can't be lost.  It slides through your hair, and then back through the opposite side of the 8, holding your hairstyle in place. There are a LOT of different ways that you can wear your hair with the flexi-clip ... more ways than I can manage to style my layered, shoulder-length hair, to be honest.

If you need help deciding which size flexi-clip you need, you can view this helpful sizing video.  You can also view a helpful styling video at that link, which will show you 8 of the most common ways to wear your hair with the flexi-clip, though a little experimentation and creativity will probably reveal many more ways it would work in your own hair.

I don't have long enough hair, and I didn't choose a large enough flexi-clip to wear this gorgeous twisted-bun hairstyle, but I was amazed when I saw the beautiful and complex hairstyles that people can create with their flexi-clips.  It almost made me wish I still had really long hair.  If my hair were as thick as hers, I would grow it back out, but I do NOT have such gorgeous, thick hair.

The flexi-clip can also be used to hold figure-8 buns in place, as shown in the next picture.  It can be used for very complicated hairstyles, as well as more simple hairstyles.

My daughters and I took our own photos of the tail-up hairstyle, the ponytail hairstyle, and a half-up hairstyle.  The next four photos are of our hair and the extra-small etched tiger lily amethyst flexi-clip I selected.

First of all, I have never used a clip that could hold my fine, thin hair securely in a tail-up twist. Mine always fall down, but the flexi-clip held it in a tail-up twist all day long!  Usually I have to twist it up, then fold it down again, before I can put a clip in it.  I tried that with my flexi-clip, but the one I chose was too small to get another twist in it.  I also could not test a french twist or figure-8 twist with it.  I'd like to have a larger one to offer more variety of holds.

Tail-Up Twist in my hair

Since I chose an extra-small flexi-clip my 6 year old daughter is the only one who can do a figure-8 twist, french twist, or a double-twist.  However, she would definitely need the mini clip to use it for a pony tail, half-up or tail-up. I had to work harder to be sure it was anchored well in her fine hair, but then it held up well.  I discovered it's easier to anchor it in my own hair, than in someone else's hair, since I can feel what I'm doing to myself but worry about pushing too hard or pulling hair on someone else.

French Twist with tail peeking out

Confession: I cut my hair shortly after the flexi-clip arrived. I took the picture of me wearing it as a tail-up before the haircut, but then I had to resort to having my teen-age daughters with longer hair test the flexi-clip for me.  Our options were limited since I had chosen the smaller size.  They managed to use it for pony tails and half-ups.  I tried to use it to secure a loose bun, but it was too small for that.

Flexi-clip pony tail

Flexi-clip half-up

The flexi-clip can also be used as a scarf pin, making it function as a jewelry piece.  I'm not a scarf-wearer, so I don't have any pictures of me or my daughters using it in that way. I'm also not a scarf-expert but I'm sure it can be used in just as many ways as there are to wear a scarf.

ElCloud Thoughts:
Overall, I am very pleased with the Lilla Rose flexi-clip.  It holds your hair in place well, when it's anchored properly.  I like that the sliding pin is attached so it can't get lost, and the grooves on the back of the pin keep it from sliding back out.  It did take some adjustment at first, as I worried about bending the flexi-clip too much, but I soon learned it was strong enough to bend down more. I'm sure I'll be growing my hair back out sometime and when I do I'll want a larger flexi-clip so I can use it in a wider variety of hairstyles.  By the time my hair is longer, I'll probably have to track down which daughter has confiscated my flexi-clip whenever I want to wear it.

And now, THE GIVEAWAY ... 

Jennifer is sponsoring a giveaway for one certificate, redeemable for a flexi-clip, or any Lilla Rose item of the winner's choice, valued up to $16. The giveaway will be open to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. You are not eligible for this giveaway if you have won another Lilla Rose giveaway in the past 6 months. The giveaway closes at midnight on November 1, 2012 and the winner will be drawn on November 2, 2012.  Good luck! 

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Good Luck!
April E.


  1. I like the silver etched lily.

  2. I really like the Classic Etched Cross Flexi-Clips!

  3. I like the half twist hairstyle best!

  4. Silver princess tiara dangle (large) would be my favourite :)

  5. I like the "intricately designed motif" and I'd try the small size in a full twist.

  6. I really like the full twist and half up.

  7. My 11 yr old daughter and I just looked through them and she chose the Fairy Aurora Borealis. It was a very tough decision for her though. :)

  8. We liked the tails up and french twist styles the most. I have never heard of these before and having 3 daughters (2 with stick straight thin hair and one with coarser hair), I think they will come in handy in the coming years.

  9. the full twist

  10. Tails up is my favorite, my daughters love the full twist.

  11. Classic Etched Cross is lovely!


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