Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Not Me" visited our home this week ...

A recent visit from "Not Me" reminded us that we need some gas stove knob covers for our kitchen.  We tried one variety shortly after we got our new stove, but I couldn't operate the stove with them on.  Trying to open them, actually just pulled the stove knobs completely off.  Since I use my stove daily, I need to have ones I can use easily, but my 2 yo can't.  They also need to keep the burners from igniting if a child leans against the stove, though we've told them all not to do so.

We aren't sure if the 2 yo is the one who lit the back burner Sunday night, or if someone leaned or brushed against it.   All I know is that I was in the kitchen and the stove was fine, with this plastic storage container lid sitting on the back burner.  I walked out, and Steve walked in less than 5 minutes later to find THIS flaming on the stove top.  He pulled it forward, turned off the burner, and then had to carefully pour water over the flaming plastic to put out the flames. 

I had to come back later and work to get the plastic off the back burner so it could light again.  The plastic was blocking the gas vents.  It took some work, and several manual lightings of the burner to soften the plastic so I could wipe/scrape it away.  I finally got all the vents to light, as well as the self-lighting to work again. 

Obviously, we'll be more careful NOT to set flammable objects on the stove top, but we also know we should research better stove knob covers.  Does anyone have a variety they really like?

April E.

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