Thursday, October 4, 2012

Second trimester blahs?

This is a new experience for me.  Usually I leave the fatigue and nausea behind in the first trimester and emerge into my second trimester full of energy and plans.  My nesting begins in earnest, and the whole family stands back as I declutter and organize the house before the third trimester energy-crash. 

I left the 1st trimester behind 3 weeks ago, and though I am feeling better, and less exhausted than I was, I haven't exactly found my motivation yet.  I haven't had a major energy boost.  I haven't been filled with bountiful energy or overflowing creativity (as my neglected blog still shows.)  I feel sort of blah, to be honest.  I haven't nagged at Steve about baby names yet, figuring why start discussing it before we know the gender (a first time for that reaction!)  I haven't started making a house transformation "to do" list yet, though there is PLENTY to do. 

I can't even find a book I want to read or a movie I feel like watching to relax with.  Every time we go to the library I wander around trying to find "something" that might spark my interest, and leave with nothing.  There isn't a single movie I'm willing to stay up late to watch with Steve, and books take concentration I just don't feel like I have right now.  I'm just doing what I need to do each day to take care of the family, though Steve would note I'm not exactly keeping up with the laundry folding or vacuuming, still not back to regular standards.

I'm not sure what the source of my second trimester blahs are ... unless it's just that I'm getting older.  Growing babies takes lots of energy, raising teens and toddlers at the same time takes lots of energy.  I have no idea how Michelle Duggar does it.  Maybe she gets more sleep than I have been. 



  1. I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. I know it's hard, but at least it is temporary. Praying for your good health and that you find a little SPARK to get you going. ;0)

  2. I'm praying for you, too, April! I think it probably does have something to do with your age and such a busy family already. And Michelle Duggar? I think they're able to hire housekeepers, etc., and their children do workbook-style homeschooling, so their lifestyle is probably nothing like yours and mine. It will get better! :) Hugs!


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