Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweetness Amidst The Drama

My two year old is a mixture of sweetness, light and joy ... and selfishness, irrationality, and melodramatic tantrums.  Yes, that pretty much defines being two in our house, but at the moment it feels like V is more "two" than any of the others were.  I'm sure it's not true, but it seems that way here in the midst of toddler-craziness.

But every day, several times a day, she climbs into my lap, wraps her arms around my neck, smiles and says, "Happy! Happy! Happy! Mommy!  Happy! Mommy!"  If Steve is home she'll also tell me "Happy! Daddy!" 

I'm still not sure if that is her way of telling me she is feeling happy in my lap, or if she's telling me that I am a happy Mommy.  I don't know what she means, but it does make me happy.  It brings a smile to my face as we snuggle and talk about how happy we are.  I always tell her that I love her and being with her does make me happy.

Those moments make up for the times she screams and fights diaper changes, or tries to push me out of my chair, or follows me from room to room screaming because she is mad I told her no. 

Happy Mommy!  Happy Baby!  Happy Daddy!  I do love that emotional and irrational little two year old. 

April E.

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