Friday, November 16, 2012

Gratitude Day 16: Quality Christian Colleges

There are "Christian Colleges" and then there are colleges which are TRULY Christian.  I'm very thankful for the colleges and universities which are led by true Christians and operate with a Christian focus and Christian teaching.  I'm thankful for the colleges where the professors and employees are Christians who consider their jobs to be their ministry.  I'm thankful for the colleges which still consider the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, and which strive to help their students grow spiritually.  They are getting harder and harder to find.  Many colleges still have a denomination in their name, but they aren't really teaching with a Biblical emphasis anymore, and they aren't working to develop the spiritual lives of their students.

Steve and I attended an excellent Christian college with a reputation of quality education.  He enrolled there in 1990 and I enrolled in 1991.  We graduated almost 20 years ago.  That is where we met, and Steve later worked there for several years.  I'm so thankful that it is still a TRULY Christian college, because that is where my oldest daughter will be attending next year.  She has looked at the state colleges in Kansas, the community colleges in our area, and other Christian colleges in the state and surrounding states, but she just feels that this one is where God wants her.  This one is home. She is so excited about attending there next year!

We just found out yesterday that she was accepted.  We've had our share of angst over her high school curriculum and getting her transcript ready, so it was a relief to finally get the news that she was accepted.  I knew it shouldn't be an issue, and I'd been reassuring her that it wouldn't be an issue, but it was still a relief to hear it.  Now to continue working on pulling together as many scholarships as possible to supplement the academic scholarship she's receiving.  Christian colleges are expensive, and to be honest, Steve and I are still making payments on MY student loans, but I'm so thankful for the quality Christian education that they provide. 

April E.

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