Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gratitude Day 17: Our witty daughter

Today I'm thankful for my second daughter. R is 15 years old and eagerly counting down the days until she can take her driving test and earn her driver's license.  She's our helper, our organizer, and our family comedienne.

When she was younger, she could throw massive temper tantrums, she learned differently than her older sister, and she had an attitude I never expected from a preschooler. If she watched a movie with one inappropriate line in it, that'd be the one she remembered.  She was a mimic who remembered witty lines and comebacks and often made us crack up by spitting them out when we least expected them. 

She taught me that every child is unique, and what works with one won't necessarily work with the other.  She also sent me to my knees in prayer, and running to the library for more parenting books.  But she's (usually) a joy to be around now.  We still have to remind her to watch her tongue at times, but we love her very much!  We're proud of her, and thankful she's a part of our family.

April E.

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