Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gratitude Day 6: Freedom to Vote

This morning my husband and I took our 11 yo and 13 yo with us as we went to the polls right at 7 am.  We left the other kids home this time, and it's a good thing we did.  There was definitely a larger turn-out for the presidential election than we usually see at our polling place.  We still didn't have to wait in line, we just had to cross through one line to get to our voting area.  After we voted, we took them out for breakfast. I wonder if we just started a new tradition?  I know the 8 yo is wondering when he'll get to go vote and eat breakfast.

Today I'm thankful that I have the freedom to vote.  I'm thankful that I can let the government know what I believe.  My candidates may not win, but at least Washington knows what I am not voting for.  I'm very thankful for this privilege, and for those who have worked, fought, and even died to give us this opportunity. 

April E.

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