Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gratitude Day 8: My Church Family

Today I'm very thankful for my church family.  I know I give thanks for them every year, but it's because I so appreciate the body of Christ.  I love being able to teach the preschool children each week, and that the parents are patient on days when we're running late.

I love worshiping with our friends there, even if the worship leaders seem bent on making this old pregnant lady cry each and every week.  Okay, it's more like bawl than cry. 

I love that my children look forward to attending church and do not want to miss their time in Sunday School, Kids Own Worship, and their Wednesday night groups.  I'm thankful for their teachers who pour their heart into preparing lessons, and loving the kids.  Sure, my 2 yo and 4 yo prefer not to go to their classes yet, but I know that one day they'll be just as eager to attend as their older siblings.

I love my pastor's sermons.  I appreciate his heart for God's Word.  Last year he preached on JOY during the Christmas season.  This year he will be preaching on HOPE.  I'm so looking forward to hearing about HOPE in these upcoming weeks.  My word for this year was JOY, and maybe God will put a focus on HOPE in my heart for next year.

Looking forward to Sunday yet again,
April E.

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