Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful for My Loving Savior

Today is the first day of Brenda's Gratitude Challenge at Garden of Learning.  I participated in her challenge two years ago and really enjoyed it, so I decided to take the challenge again this year.  I may not get a post up daily, but I'll try to.  If you'd like to join in, just click on the button and blog your gratitude or leave a comment at Brenda's blog!

Today, I'm thankful for my God.  He is holy and just, holding each person accountable for their actions, their choices, and even their very thoughts.  His standards are higher than we can ever attain.  Yet, He is also loving; full of mercy and grace.  He offers salvation and forgiveness through the very death of His own Son.  I can not earn this salvation. It is not granted by me doing the right things.  It is a gift I do not deserve and should not take for granted.  My gift back to Him is choosing to obey Him and seeking to please Him.

But my God is also a personal God; He is loving and caring.  He mourns when we mourn, and He offers guidance, comfort and strength for us each day.  He has an individual plan for the life of each person that seeks to follow Him.  I can not imagine ever walking through life in this world without HIM. 

I'm so thankful for His love and forgiveness in my life. 

April E.


  1. I'm also participating with Brenda's Gratitude Challenge. Wanted to stop by and say hello and I'm also a new follower.

  2. Very nice expression of gratitude for our Savior. (Stopping by from your link on Brenda's Gratitude Challenge post.)

  3. What a beautiful post! Our God is so wonderful, isn't He? Thanks for linking up today. :)


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