Thursday, December 13, 2012

I could be a millionaire ... if ...

I'd be rich if I could just invent a new style of maternity waist. I am so tired of pulling up my pants and skirts  ... all day long ... every single day.

I'll be honest, the old-fashioned stretchy belly panels with elastic at the top may be out of style, but they stayed up so much better than the new waist styles.  Drawstrings either dig into the top of my belly or loosen and slide down.  The wide low-belly and mid-belly bands are comfortable, but they always slide down under my belly like jeans on a man with a beer belly.  I promise, that's a 27 week old baby I'm carrying around, not a beer belly and not a bowling ball (as one of my kids compared it to this week.)

I have one pair of jeans with the old nylon stretch panel and they stay up best.  But since the jeans are old and the style is old, I never wear them out of the house.  Lately I've been wearing yoga pants several days a week, but only at home. I don't have any maternity tops that match it, though, so I just wear them with baggy shirts.

Surely I'm not the only pregnant woman with this problem?!?!  I have 3 months left and that means 3 more months of either dealing with draw strings digging in, or pulling up my pants.  By the time the baby is born, I'll be carrying a pumpkin under my shirt, not a bowling ball.  The problem is going to get worse.  So, if you see me out in public, and I'm hiking them up again ... just pretend you didn't notice, and don't judge me, please.

Waiting for the miracle pants to be designed, and to not cost a fortune ...
April E.


  1. I am sure there are lots of women smiling as they read this... I hope they make those miracle pants soon!

  2. I have two pair of full panel jeans and I still have to pull them up. I've been using one of those belly band things over them and that helps a lot. My favorite thing to wear are maternity leggings. They stay up and are comfortable. I tried on some under the belly pants but I don't like the way they feel. Good luck!

  3. I bought another pair at the thrift stores that had a LOW draw string. I had high hopes. Nope. Still slide down.


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