Thursday, January 24, 2013

Totally random thoughts

And now for a few totally unrelated, random comments that may or may not brighten your day ... 

2 yo V is a daredevil, a stubborn girl, and a sweetheart.  She has the funniest way of saying things sometimes.  One little "ism" of hers is when she wants me to hold her, or pick her up, she'll come up to me, hold up her arms and then say, "I hold you, Mommy!  I hold you!"  She can not be put off when she wants held.  She is insistent.  But it always makes me smile that it sounds like she's offering to hold me instead. Well, actually it often sounds like she's saying "I hate you, Mommy. I hate you." At least that is what my kids and my husband all hear.  "I hode you Mommy, I hode you!"  Even though I'm trying to teach her to say, "Hold me, Mommy!" I'll miss it when she stops saying, "I hold you."

I did say V was stubborn, didn't I?  Well, she will resist diaper changes, and clothing changes vehemently, even if she desperately needs it.  We have learned that we can avoid the struggle if we offer her a choice.  "Do you want Mommy or Daddy to change your diaper?"  "Do you want to wear this pink outfit or this purple outfit?"  "Do you want to put your pants on first or your shirt on first?"  Of course, Steve finds it hilarious that she almost always chooses me.  What he doesn't realize is that she's just extremely smart.  She chooses him, when he's not home.  I just said, "V, we need to change your diaper."  She replied, "No, Daddy do it."  She knows he's not here.

Speaking of getting too smart, I tried tricking my 4 yo into eating more food last night.  I was encouraging him to eat just a few more bites of a new casserole I'd made.  Finally, I said, "Just four more bites, G."  (Steve had G eating all his food once by repeatedly telling him, "one more bite" but G is getting smarter than that now.)  G looked at me, and said, "Okay. You count them."  So I started counting his bites.  After his third bite, all shoved into his mouth without swallowing, I told him to stop and chew and swallow before the next bite.  When he had swallowed, and we'd chatted a bit, he took another bite.  I decided to try calling it number 3 since he'd been distracted, to get more food into him.  Didn't work.  He looked at me and said, "Nuh uh! That was four!"  I said, "You could eat just one more bite, though."  He said, "No, you said four bites and I ate 4 bites."  He was right, of course, so I let him go. 

And now for a totally unrelated random thought.  We have had so many birds in our yard this winter, it reminds me of our first winters here, before we got dogs and barn cats.  But I'm seeing birds we've never seen on our property before, like robins hanging around in winter still, and blue birds.  We've never had blue birds here before, just a few blue jays.  And there are thrushes and wrens that are new varieties, too.  I love looking outside and seeing the blue birds, cardinals, juncoes, robins, chickadees (and other unknown species) all fluttering around.  I don't know if it's because of the weather we've been having, the bird feeder Steve and 8 yo M hung up this year, or the fact that our barn cats are getting lazy and no longer hunting birds. I just love seeing them here, though.  It almost makes me willing to open the thermal drapes in the living room so I can see them more ... until I remember how drafty those old picture windows are. I think I'll just peek between the drapes occasionally instead.

And at the moment, that's all the random thoughts I've got.  Well, not exactly.  I could share about my daughter R who's turning 16 next week, or my oldest daughter A who will be graduating from our homeschool in May and is going to prom with a friend from church, or my third daughter C who broke her collar bone in December and is hoping that tomorrow's doctor visit will end in her being able to stop wearing the sling, or that 11 yo J has been feeding the chickens for me because I don't like the cold and he already has to go out to take care of the goats anyway. Speaking of goats, I could tell you about our escapee goat.  She's a pygmy goat named Patches but since we can't keep her corralled at all, I've been calling her Gypsy.  I could tell you that 8 yo M is wearing a Star Wars Clone costume at the moment instead of doing his math, and 6 yo L is making sticker and stamp artwork instead of doing her math, while G and V have trashed the living room ... of course that just means I really do need to get this big pregnant belly up out of this chair, stay off this computer and get those kids back to doing their schoolwork and chores. 

Loving God and my Family,
April E.

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