Sunday, February 3, 2013

Checking off my list ...

I'm working on checking off my "baby list".  We're 40 days away from our due date and we're all counting down until this little baby arrives.  I'm running out of things to do to get ready, though.

  • I've worked on decluttering certain areas of the house and organizing our home better.
  • I've sorted and washed baby boy newborn clothes and blankets.  
  • I've washed our smallest cloth diapers.  
  • I've shifted things around to make room for the new baby's clothes and diapers.
  • I've set up the baby bed and the baby swing.  
  • I've pulled the infant carrier/car seat out of the top of the closet and got it ready.  
  • I've packed the new baby's diaper bag for the hospital.

I still need to do a few things, though.
  • Settle on a name with Steve.
  • Pack my own hospital bag.
  • Finish mailing out the Christmas cards.  (oops!)
  • Finish cleaning and organizing a few areas of our home.
  • Maintain the house in a "ready to go" state.
  • Clean up the baby bath tub and find a home for it. 
  • Buy some newborn disposable diapers, as well as some of my favorite in-hospital/recovery treats.
  • Put the baby's car seat into the van, shifting other car seats back to different rows.
  • Keep up with schoolwork as long as possible so we don't fall behind too much. (We will take a break for a few weeks after the baby arrives.)
I think that's all I have left on my list.  I guess if I keep my focus on those things it will help the next ~40 days to go faster.  But I don't want to wait too long on some of the tasks.  Last time my water broke 15 days early and I still hadn't shifted car seats around.  So before I headed to the hospital, I had to get in the van and move the car seats around.  I could have left it for Steve to do after I was in the hospital, but I knew he'd prefer I do it, as I'm the only one who really gets the seats in tight enough.  I'd rather not do that if baby comes early again, so I do need to prioritize some of the tasks.

In the meantime, the pregnancy is going well.  My blood pressure has been good, weight gain is good, baby's growing well, is active, and has a nice heartbeat.  I do get very achy and uncomfortable at times, but it has never lasted more than 36 hours, usually much shorter. We have a yucky stomach virus working its way through the kids at the moment, though, and I am praying I do not get it.  That is not what I need at all.

Still counting down,
April E.

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  1. It's hard to believe that you're so close to your due date! I'm very excited for you, April. I know this will be such a beautiful time for your family. Congratulations!


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