Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Awesome Science DVD - Explore John Day Fossil Beds

Title: Awesome Science DVD series - Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice
Producer:  Kyle Justice
Format: DVD and Study Guide
Publisher: Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group
Price: $14.99 DVD and $3.99 Study Guide (or free downloadable study guide)

The John Day Fossil Beds DVD is the 6th episode in the Awesome Science series.  This new series is compiled of 30 minute episodes, hosted by Noah Justice.  Noah is a 14 year old homeschooled boy who takes us to many key locations that show how the Bible and geology align.  These Creation Science DVDs explain the differences between what the Bible teaches and what evolutionists teach in clear language.

Filmed on location, the John Day Fossil Beds DVD is interesting and engaging.  It is very informative, and well-explained.  The DVD is presented in a lecture style, with lots of visuals and illustrations to explain the science.  Although it is very interesting, it isn't the most entertaining of DVDs.  Younger children will likely lose interest in the presentation, unless it is a topic that fascinates them.  This series would most interest children ages 10 - 14.  The study guide is basically a script of the DVD, with blanks for children to fill in.  There were some sentences that the study guide skipped, but 90% of the information was included word-for-word. 

My 12 year old son watched the DVD for his science lesson one day.  He enjoyed the presentation, though he didn't use the study guide.  I asked him if he'd enjoy watching it again, and he said yes.  Next time, I'll try to get his 9 year old brother and 13 year old sister to watch it as well. 

ElCloud Thoughts:  The video is very interesting and well-produced, but it will have limited usefulness and appeal.  After a few viewings, most families will be done with it.  In our case, it could be saved to use with our younger children once they reach the appropriate age.  It is reusable and non-consumable; however, it costs more than we would likely spend for a supplemental science video.  I realize that other families may have extra money in the budget for supplemental materials, and would likely enjoy this DVD series.

You can read other reviews on three different episodes of the Awesome Science DVD series in the links in this blog post from New Leaf Publishing Group.

This DVD was provided to our family at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts in this review are completely my own.  I received no other compensation for reviewing this product.
April E.

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