Sunday, November 10, 2013

Giving Thanks Daily

Continuing to give thanks for the many blessings in my life this month:

I'm thankful that even though 3 yo V was wiggly, talkative, whiny, and stubborn at R's choir concert, at least she didn't have a meltdown until we were in the van. Okay, that's a bit sarcastic, but it's true.  Some days I'm just thankful for little blessings like a child NOT having a meltdown in a public place.

~  I'm thankful for my three teenage daughters. I love the women they are growing into. They are unique individuals, and they each hold a special place in my heart. They make me laugh and I love watching them grow in their faith and find God's path for each of them.

~ I'm  thankful for my husband who lovingly cares for his family and works hard even on his days off. I'm thankful he kept the younger 4 kids so I could take 3 of the middles to the high school play. It was my first time leaving Baby B home with him, and they did just fine.

I'm thankful for coffee today. I'm thankful that even though my 3 yo woke me up shortly after 4 this morning, it wasn't to clean up more vomit. Tonight I'll be very thankful to crawl back into my nice warm soft bed, which is calling out to me already. Until then ... coffee is my friend.

~ I am thankful for my Mother-in-law. Alzheimer's Disease may be stealing her memory and some of her personality, but she is still the same loving woman who accepted me into her family as Steve's girlfriend, fiance, and then wife 20+ years ago. She raised three wonderful children, including my husband, and I love her. We took her to church with us today and then I fell asleep feeding the baby on the love seat beside her this afternoon. Years ago, when I would start to snooze in her living room when rocking a baby she'd offer to let me lay on her bed. I can only think of one or two times that I actually took her up on that offer.

Praising Him,
April E.

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  1. I hear you - I've had the same relief when the meltdown isn't in public. You have to find the silver linings, right?


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