Monday, November 18, 2013

The thankful list grows ...

I'm still compiling a list of things I'm thankful for.  I add to it each day, though I haven't been posting them daily.

~ This past week I was thankful for all our country's veterans, and a day with family. It wasn't the biggest zoo or the best weather, and it was rough getting everyone out the door Monday morning, but it was worth it. It was worth it to spend the time together, enjoy the animals together, and laugh over the crazy antics of a show-off Gibbon.

~ I am thankful for Christmas Music and free music stations on Dish TV. (happy sigh)

~ I'm thankful for my church and all the people who minister to my children and family there. They are our second family and I am thankful for how they love and accept us. The family of God is such a blessing!

~ I'm thankful for the moments when my children obey sweetly, without drama. Sometimes those moments seem rare, but I don't want to forget or not notice the moments when they do. I don't want to not notice that 3 yo V cooperates much more readily than she did a year ago. Progress. I don't want to not see that 5 yo G's stubborn "No!" turns around more quickly than it did a month ago. I'm thankful for each time I look up and see a child washing dishes without being told. Because the next day may not go so easily.

~ I am thankful for hugs of all sizes and all the family members who give them to me. At the moment, it's baby snuggles.

~ I am very thankful for my home. I am thankful for the shelter and comfort it provides. It is our nest ... our safe place. I love how it feels when we are all home together, when the children are playing happily or falling asleep, and I can just relax with Steve. I am also thankful for the children who are finding it hard to obey about cleaning our home.
~ I'm thankful for five children who have chosen to be baptized as a symbol of their relationship with God. Yesterday was 9 year old M's baptism at church. Praying they all continue to walk in God's ways, drawing ever closer to Him.

Still giving thanks,
April E.

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