Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wrapping up the month, giving thanks!

Our Thanksgiving week has been a little ugly here.  We had a stomach virus work its way through the entire family, hitting most of us ON Thanksgiving Eve and Day.  Not fun at all. But we're still giving thanks for many things:

~ Sunday I was thankful, once again, for my husband. He decided to let me sleep while he got kids ready for church since I was up for several hours in the night with one sick daughter and one wide-awake preschooler. Then he took the kids to church, and taught our class of 3 - 5 year olds by himself. He blesses me.

~ This week, I was thankful for modern conveniences. I'm very thankful for my washing machine and dryer. I know every Mom is. But take a large family and a stomach virus and they literally become a life-saver. They save my sanity and thus they save a lot of lives.

~ I'm thankful for the little gray birds fluttering all over the bush outside my window right now. They remind me that God has His eye on each of them (and their sparrow friends) and He likewise has me in His hands and mind and heart. Nothing happens, not even my headache or Alayna's lost phone, that He doesn't see and care about. And if He knows about those little things, I can trust that He's got the big things under control, too. He may allow difficulty to come into my life, but it's never out of His control.

~ I'm thankful for friends who are willing to pray for things like lost phones, sick babies, and sick families.

~ I am thankful to have my entire family together for Thanksgiving. I'm also thankful for extended family who I'm missing this week.

~ I'm thankful for the different giftings God gives to couples. Steve is much more talented and patient at doing things like baking with younger helpers, playing board games with the kids, etc. I love watching him play board games with the kids or bake with them.

~ I'm thankful for the season of Advent, where we focus on Christ's birth and His work in OUR lives. As I look around our decorated home, I'm looking forward to all our family Advent and Christmas traditions - our devotions, our advent calendar, our gift giving, our Christmas Eve service, our teddy bear stockings, and time spent with family.

Here's hoping that Christmas week goes better than Thanksgiving did.  Even though we were sick, and most of us ate toast for Thanksgiving dinner, we have enjoyed our time together. I love my family!

April E. 

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