Monday, December 16, 2013

An Advent Smile In My Heart

My 3 year old can drive us all crazy.  Everything has to be "just so".  She screams, a lot.  She often has an attitude.  She trashes the house ... all day long.

But she is also sweet, loving, funny, creative, and cute.

Earlier today she was walking around saying "Oh My G..!" over and over.  For no reason.  She'd heard an older sibling saying it, even though we repeatedly tell them it's wrong.   Then she wanted to try it out for herself.

I told her to stop saying that and to say "Oh my word" or "Oh my goodness" instead.   Now she's walking around saying "Oh my word!"  for no reason at all.

But at other moments I hear her singing, "Oh hoby dight! The 'tars are bightly shining!" over and over.   It just makes me smile.  We're singing "Oh Holy Night" together as a family every night before our family reading of Bartholomew's Passage for Advent.  It makes me smile to know that she's listening and learning.  Hopefully she's absorbing other lessons, too.

April E.

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