Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It finally happened ...

I knew it would.  I just didn't really expect it so soon.

My 12 year old son's feet are bigger than mine. Granted, he's going to turn 13 next month, but I didn't expect this.  He's still shorter than I am, and I just hadn't thought about his feet.  I know he's been wearing a men's size 8, but it just hadn't dawned on me that it was actually larger than my ladies' 8.5.  Then he came home with a pair of men's 8.5 shoes that fit him ... and I finally realized what that meant.  We put our feet beside each other, and there's no denying it.  His feet are larger than mine.

Two of my daughters wear the same size shoe I do.  And one is the same height as me.  The other two teenage daughters are shorter and likely will stay that way.  I'm taller than my Mom and sisters, and taller than Steve's Mom or sister.  I don't expect my daughters will outgrow me, though I could be surprised.

I knew my sons would outgrow me.  It may be quicker than I expected.  A year from now, he might be looking down on me.  That will be a new experience. Am I ready for it?

It won't be too much longer before these young men who drive me crazy with their wrestling will be leaving home, setting out in the world.  Time goes so fast.

April E.

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