Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Moms' Night Out novelization by Tricia Goyer and the companion devotional

Life has been pretty crazy here lately.  In addition to our normally busy life, my college student returned home for the summer and we added in baseball, t-ball, and softball for four kids ... five nights a week.  It seems like we are constantly running, and someone is always coming and/or going.  You have probably noticed my lack of blogging lately. Add in one dead computer, and me pecking away at a tiny tablet, and you've got your explanation.

I've been wanting to watch the new movie, Moms' Night Out, but I haven't been able to arrange a date night with my husband, or a friends' night out, either.  It's even going to be at the $2 theater next week,  but that night my teens/babysitters have a commitment of their own, and I have softball and t-ball. I will probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD. 

Moms Night Out NovelEven though I haven't seen the movie, I have been enjoying reading the novelization of the Moms Night Out movie by Tricia Goyer while waiting at baseball practices and in doctor's offices. As I said, I haven't seen the movie, so I can't compare it to the novel that Tricia Goyer has written.  The book is funny,  although a bit exaggerated at times.  I've had some really bad days.  I've had some miserable Sunday mornings.  I've hidden in my closet to devour chocolate.  But after parenting 9 kids for 18 years, I still haven't experienced anything as crazy as Ally, Izzy and Sondra do in one week, let alone in one night. That's a good thing.  As stressed out as I may be, I can tell myself, well at least I haven't ... (no more plot spoilers, I promise).

As much as I'm enjoying reading the book, I'm sure I'll enjoy the movie when I finally do get to see it.  I usually prefer books over movies, when they're written in that order.  But in this instance, I think I will probably end up preferring the movie instead of the book based on the movie.

I've seen criticism that the movie/book portrays men as bumbling fools. I could also complain that it portrays women as crazy and overly emotional. The movie/book may start out with those images, but as the book progresses, the men and the women each rise up and find strengths they didn't know they had, and greater respect for each other. I think it's worth reading and even watching.

Moms Night Out and Other Things I MissI've also been reading the devotional, Moms' Night Out and Other Things I Miss by Kerri Pomarolli, the Christian comedienne. These aren't deep devotions, but they are an encouraging and light-hearted look at parenting and our Christian walk. Kerri is very real about all her motherhood mishaps, and the lessons she learned about God, her faith, and mothering in those moments.

One night, I drove to t-ball and parked strategically close to the playground.  I have to confess that I was happy the baby fell asleep on the way to the ball park.  I had an excuse to sit in the van and read Moms' Night Out and Other Things I Miss while the t-ball player walked to his nearby field to practice and the 3 year old and 5 year old were able to play at the playground.  I could sit in my van and read, and keep an eye on both sets of kids.  Not exactly a mother-of-the-year moment, especially not baseball-mother-of-the-year.  But as I sat there, I was encouraged by Kerri's own non-mother-of-the-year moments and being reminded of what really matters in life.

This is what Kerri Pomarolli has to say about her book:

Both of these books would be nice gifts for another stressed-out Mom that you know and love. Whether she's a new mom with several little ones, a mom of a couple teens, or a mom with all ages of kids, these books can put a smile on her face and point her heart to God. That's something that every Mom needs!

April E.

Disclosure: These books were provided to me free, in exchange for an honest review.

USA Today best-selling author Tricia Goyer has written the novelization to the much-anticipated movie, Moms' Night Out. Don't miss this hilarious family comedy that celebrates real family life—where everything can go wrong and still turn out all right.

And, look for the companion devotional written by comedian Kerri PomarolliMoms' Night Out and Other Things I Miss: Devotions To Help You Survive.

Tricia and Kerri have teamed up for the "No More Frumpy Mommy" challenge.

Moms Night Out Tricia Goyer Kerri Pomarolli

Motherhood can sometimes seem like survival of the fittest. Every day brings its own troubles, and by the end of the day, you’re spent. Between school, soccer practice, cleaning, laundry, cooking dinner, putting away dishes, and keeping your kids from going at each others’ throats, the last thing on your mind is getting away for an evening. If that’s you, you’re invited to take part in Tricia and Kerri's No More Frumpy Mommy challenge.
Tricia and Kerri will choose 10 winners to receive a Fandango gift card to see Moms' Night Out, as well as copies of Moms' Night Out (the book) and Moms' Night Out and Other Things I Miss. One grand-prize winner will receive $200 to put toward her own moms' night out or her own moms' night out "ride" (getting her car detailed and cleaned)

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