Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Preparing for the new homeschool year (free planners and all)!

We are preparing to start school next week.  We have cleared off three desks this week, and have five milk crates to clean out, switching out old textbooks for new textbooks.  The kids aren't exactly excited about starting school again, as we had initially planned to wait another two weeks.  But once I started looking at the calendar and counting out different school breaks and selecting a graduation date for our senior, we moved it up to August 4. 

I bought the printed Schoolhouse Homeschool Planner this year.  Usually I print my own, but it is nice to have one all pre-printed and spiral-bound, ready to go.  If you still need a planner, or planners for your students, I found two free digital options this week.

I hope those are helpful as you get ready for your own homeschool year.  I need to get busy filling in some weekly lesson plans in my book this week. We'll start slowly, but I still need to finish my own preparation, beyond the organization of school boxes. 

How is your planning going?  Starting soon, or not until September sometime?

April E.

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  1. I am so glad I saw this in time! Today is Supegirl's birthday and I just downloaded the FROZEN themed planner for her! I do have the printed TOS Planner and I have the digital ones but I wanted something different for her. Thanks!!


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