Thursday, July 3, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

undetected by dee hendersonUndetected is the story of widowed Navy Commander Mark Bishop and young scientist Gina Gray.  Bishop is the Captain of a submarine, accustomed to responsibility, leadership and success. He's also lonely and ready to start dating again when he  bumps into Gina Gray, the genius sister of his friend and fellow submarine Captain, Jeff Gray. Gina is fresh off a difficult break-up with yet another guy who can't handle the fact that she's smarter than he is, and working on discovering new sonar applications. Neither considers the other one as a relationship possibility, but Gina's work brings them together repeatedly.

Dee Henderson has been one of my favorite authors for years.  I love the depth of her books, the suspense, and the research she puts into different careers. Not only does she keep you holding your breath as you turn page after page, she answers questions about faith in each story. The O'Malley series was the first one I read of hers, and that series touched on the questions that seekers have as they are coming to faith, and wrestling with whether they can  believe in God, let alone have a relationship with him.  Undetected takes a look at the walk of mature Christians, prayer, and how past hurts affect our relationship with God and others.

I will say that Undetected was a bit different than many of Dee Henderson's books. I guess it would fall closer to her Uncommon Heroes military series than some of her other books.  There was no mystery to solve, no criminal danger, and only mild suspense.  There was military danger and romance, all wrapped up in a complex, well-developed story.  The  book left me wondering how much of the sonar science Gina developed and the book described was actually possible. It also pushed me to develop better prayer habits.

If you're  fan of military novels with a touch of (CLEAN!) romance, or a fan of Dee Henderson's, I am sure you will enjoy Undetected as much as I did.

I received this book free, in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received and a positive review was not expected. 

April E.

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