Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 1 of ElCloud Homeschool is under way!

We started school on Monday.  I felt unprepared, to be honest.  The house was pretty messy, and the dining room table wasn't even completely cleared off.  I hadn't talked to my 8th and 10th graders about how their different texts should be divided up for the year yet.  My 8th grade son didn't even clean off his desk until Monday morning.  The rest of us had cleaned out school boxes and tried to get organized the week (or weekend) before.

Day one was the usual hectic craziness of 6 kids asking me for help understanding how their new books work, how much they should do each week in each subject, little ones asking for help with their math instructions, etc.  "Mom!" was sounding out from four different rooms, and I was constantly running back and forth for about 3 hours before the younger ones were finished and the older ones were working steadily. But we all survived, and we still love each other. I'd call that successful.

Day two was an interrupted school day, with me having to go vote mid-morning.  So I was giving spelling placement tests while cooking supper and a speech therapy assessment just before bedtime.  But everything got done and my two elementary school spelling students are both going to be placed a bit ahead of their grade level. 

My five-year-old son  G has a lot of speech issues, so part of his homeschool kindergarten will include speech therapy.  I meant to start him on it last year, but life was still so crazy with the new baby, sending our oldest off to college and my health issues that it just didn't happen.  He struggles with 11 different sounds, and replaces them with other ones.  I haven't been too concerned, because he has been improving and most of the time I can understand him now.  When I tested him, there are only 2 sounds that are behind for his age according to the speech therapy charts (w and y) and 2 more sounds that he should be gaining at this age (f and ch).  He can actually say ch in some words, though, and our testing showed that he can pronounce w and y sounds in the middle of words, as well.  So, we'll start working on his w and y sound first, and then move on to f.  He's not my first to have speech issues.  All have resolved, though, some with a little therapy help from me, some just with a little extra time. (I use Straight Talk and also Super Star Speech at home with my kids.)

I don't have any secret schedule tricks to share.  Every day will look a little different, and most days would look pretty chaotic and noisy to others.  We just try to do school while also doing life at home.  Some days are harder with more chores to fit in, or more fussing from the one-year-old and interruptions from the three-year-old.  Some days get interrupted with appointments, so we may finish our work later, or we may put it off and double up on the next day.  But the kids keep learning, and we still love each other.

Well, that was a rambling post, but now I need to get busy with day 3 of our 180 day school year.  Prayers for a peaceful day are always appreciated!

 April E.

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