Saturday, December 27, 2014

Looking Toward the New Year

It's two days after Christmas. The wrapping paper is all put away. Our Christmas devotional is back on its shelf. My closet (which is a disaster for the month of December) is clean and organized again. The kids are enjoying their gifts, watching movies with Dad, playing Just Dance with oldest sisters, and building with Legos. I have clean sheets on my bed, a new Celtic Christmas CD playing in my room, and I am ready to fall into bed tonight and REST!

The Christmas decorations won't last much longer. They'll come down in stages next week. Next week will be busy with several doctor appointments, a New Year's church retreat for our teens, work, the New Year holiday, and me trying to get my life in order before the New Year starts. My continual battle - to get my life in order.

My 19 year old daughter was telling me that she loves New Year's because she loves setting goals and making lists for her hopes in the new year. I used to love it. I used to make lists and set tons of goals, too. But then I realized my list looked exactly the same every single year.

Slowly my goals for myself began to change. Instead of hoping I'd read my Bible more, exercise more, lose weight, be more patient, make meal plans, keep the house cleaner ... I just began to pray I'd have more faith, more joy, more peace, more love. I prayed that God's work would be evident in my life, because I certainly am not able to do this thing called life without Him.

I flipped the page on my little Scripture calendar yesterday and saw this verse:

"I close my letter with these last words: Be happy. Grow in Christ. Pay attention to what I have said. Live in harmony and peace. And may the God of love and peace be with you."  2 Corinthians 13:11  TLB

Those seem like good goals for next year. To be happy. To grow in Christ. To pay attention to God's Word. To live in harmony and peace, filled with God's love and peace. May it be so.

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