Friday, January 9, 2015

Random 5 on Friday: Second semester Begins!

I decided to post a Random 5 on Friday this week, based on our first week back to school. It's not completely random, since it's a rundown of our week, but it feels like a random post to me. We can call it a Not Quite Random 5 on Friday.

1. This was our first week back to school after the Christmas break. It was a little chaotic for a first week back, with more appointments than we usually have. Monday went really well. A little hard to focus the boys on their schoolwork, but I managed eventually. 

2. We had a homeschool group field trip planned for Tuesday, but I ended up starting Tuesday off with a run to the doctor for an x-ray on my oldest daughter's elbow first. We ended up being late for our field trip, but thankfully, her elbow wasn't broken. The kids came home and did some additional schoolwork,  but not a full load.

3. Wednesday I took all the kids to the eye doctor after lunch for eye exams. I tried to get them to do their schoolwork before we left, but some of the kids were focused on getting showered and ready to be seen in public, and others were just hyper. We didn't accomplish very much before the eye appointment. At the eye doctor, we found out that our four year old V needs glasses. Surprise!

I thought I'd have him look at her eyes since she sometimes turns her right eye in a bit. I've pointed that out to doctors in the past with some of our other kids, and they were always just fine. This time, we found out she's far-sighted (the only one so far) and that one eye is doing most of the work. Her right eye (the one that sometimes turns in a bit) is the weaker eye, so we'll also have to start patching her left eye for a portion of each day. That's added a new research topic to my week.

4. Steve took Thursday off to help with 4 yo V's dentist appointment. She needed to have extensive dental work done under sedation at a clinic two hours away from home. Her appointment was at 7 am, so he left here with her at 5 am and didn't get back until just after lunch. She was a little bit clumsy the rest of the day, from the anesthesia I guess, but did fine. Today she's perfectly fine, and keeps looking at her shiny caps in the mirror. She's had a busy week.

13 yo J went along with Steve to the dentist, because there needed to be someone riding with V in the back seat in case she had any complications from the anesthesia on the way home. He took along some schoolwork, but didn't finish all of it then. They were both really tired yesterday evening, and we tried to get everyone to bed a little early last night.

5. So here we are at Friday. We've had an "okay" week of school. J is having to finish up some extra stuff he didn't do yesterday, along with today's work. He's motivated since he has an invitation to a sleepover this weekend. It took several days to get back in our school groove, but we did it. Now to just get the chores groove flowing smoothly!

This is actually our 19th week of the school year, so we are over halfway through the school year.  Though our summer break won't  be a full break this year, since we'll still be on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

What about you? Did you resume homeschooling this week? How did it go?

April E.

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