Friday, February 6, 2015

Random 5 on Friday: Appointments, appointments, appointments!

The new year has been full of appointments. We started off with eye appointments for the whole family, where we discovered our 4 year olds' eye issues, then she had dental work, the 19 year old injured her arm before she went back to college, and the appointments just go on and on. 

But this week's appointments include:

1. Wednesday, we took our 4 year old V back for a follow-up on her new glasses and patching for hyperopia and amblyopia. They further refined her prescription and she has new lenses on order. Patching continues! We are still learning about having a young child in glasses, amblyopia and its treatment.

2. Later that day, I noticed one ear piece on her glasses is bent right at the temple, by the hinge. Suddenly, it seems a little more important to get her a back-up pair for when these break. I fully expect a few broken frames along the way, since she's a very active girl. We're looking at Zenni Optical for a second pair, and I need to take her back into the eye doctor next week so they can try to bend this pair back into proper shape. (I'm afraid they'll break if I try it.)

3. On that same day, I had to take my 18 year old R in for a wisdom tooth removal. Yeah, it was a hectic day, but after sleeping all afternoon and evening, she's doing fine. She's been the first one to have her wisdom teeth removed. We need to ask the dentist about 19 year old A's wisdom teeth, and then try to have that done sometime when she's home from college.

4. Next week I get to take my 6 year old G in for a tooth removal and a frenulectomy. He has a tooth that came in sideways between his top two front teeth late last year. We were very concerned, because we were afraid it was his permanent front tooth, totally twisted sideways. Instead, it appears he has an extra front tooth. His permanent teeth are safely up there, waiting to move down, so this sideways tooth just gets to be pulled out. But, they're also going to snip the tiny bit of skin/muscle connecting his upper lip to his front gum, since it is connected all the way down between his front teeth, creating a rather large gap. Two more firsts for our family!!

5. Last month 4 year old V underwent a ton of dental work under sedation, and we've had several cleanings for younger kids in January. I'm ready to be done with trips to the dentist, but after G's appointment, my 15 year old C has a filling scheduled for the week after next, and 18 year old R has to go back for a crown on one tooth in March. THEN I think I get a break until our next round of cleanings in late summer.

Except even when the dentist appointments are over, we'll still be having continued visits to the eye doctor for V's amblyopia treatment. I also need to start scheduling physicals for all the kids. B has his 2 year well-child checkup the last week of February, and then the other kids will start theirs. I might as well just get used to weekly appointments. And this is for a generally healthy family. V's amblyopia is our first real "condition" to require regular appointments and follow-ups.  I must remember not to complain, but be thankful.  Of course, I'll be very grateful for any week that ends up appointment-free!

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April E.

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