Friday, March 27, 2015

The end is in sight, but it's a hectic view ...

We have seven weeks left in our homeschool year. Then it's Graduation Day for our second oldest daughter. We just ordered her graduation announcements, made the facebook event page, and ordered prints of her senior pictures this week. Suddenly it seems a whole lot more real, and we have so much planning left to do. She has some ideas of how she wants her celebration to go, but we haven't finalized anything yet.

Of course, there's also schoolwork to finish. During those seven weeks, she has college classes to finish (dual-credit), with papers, speeches, and tests yet to come. She's also working and extremely busy. I've got 7 kids at home everyday and I'm trying to keep five of them on track with their schoolwork. Most of them are doing okay, but I've got one son who is going to have to work into the summer. I need a better plan for him next year.

It's time to start thinking about next year's curriculum, but I haven't really started yet. I need to really consider what's working and what's not. I need a better plan for my sons who will be 6th and 9th grade next year, especially for history. Neither of them has seemed to enjoy their current history and it's a battle to keep them moving in their books. I may look at Lifepacs for them. I don't particularly care for them (at least not the idea of them) but it would be clear to them how much to do each day to stay on target.

In the midst of all this other stuff, we'll also be starting baseball next month with practices five days a week. Life is perpetually busy. That isn't going to change. So I guess I just need to take each day as it comes and keep my lists handy.

How many weeks are left in your school year? Are your final weeks equally busy?

April E.

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