Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Resurrection Day!

It's Easter Sunday here and it's been a very relaxed day, with the family. Well as relaxed as things can be with some active young kids.

This morning, we got dressed, looked in Easter baskets, and went to Sunday School and church. It was Family Sunday, so no children's church. Those weeks are always interesting with our four year old. She doesn't know the meaning of quiet and just HAS to tell you everything she's thinking RIGHT NOW. Add in too much sugar or being tired and she also becomes stubborn and difficult, often choosing to challenge instead of obey.

But we survived and came home to have a ham dinner. While the potatoes were cooking and some finishing touches were being made, we tried to get family pictures. That was a bit of a disaster, to be honest. Multiple takes because the timer wasn't going off, or in my rush to get in, someone got blocked by someone else. Then the 4 year old got mad because I moved her to a better position. So the only shot that didn't block someone is the one she's crying in.

Throughout the day, that same 4 year old amused us by singing at the TOP of her lungs, "GOD'S NOT DEAD. NO! HE IS ALIVE! GOD'S NOT DEAD. NO! HE IS ALIVE!" On repeat. Full blast. Non-stop. We don't know how she did it because it gave everyone else a sore throat to try to join in.

After lunch, Steve was washing dishes and our 15 year old asked me to untangle 4 necklaces of hers that were in a giant knot. This is the conversation that followed between C (15 yo), Steve and myself.

Me: "You can do this yourself. It's just a matter of time, not skill."

C: "I don't know how."

Steve: "Don't you remember taking the class on necklace untangling, April? You know, back when you took the class on finding everything for everyone?"

C: "What was your favorite class, Mom?"

Steve: "Raising teenagers and letting them live."

C: "Did you take the class, too, Dad?"

Steve: "No."

C: "I didn't think so!" 

18 yo R from other room: "WORD!" 

They all make me laugh, and it was good to hear them joking.

We finished our evening by dying eggs because we hadn't done it yet this year. The 4 year old was our most enthusiastic egg decorator. Usually I dread that whole process, but it wasn't so bad this year. And it's only going to get easier each year. I'm doing it on a card table in the middle of the living room every year, from now on! Much better to stand around a small table than to be working at a big table with lots of reaching and passing of eggs and dye cups.

We had a good family day, and our 4 year old's song kept reminding us of the true meaning of this Resurrection Day!

I hope your day was special, also!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!  (Or as my 4 year old said, "He is Risen In Me!") Gotta love her, loud voice, tantrums, and all!

April E.

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