Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Signs of Spring: Clothesline Revival and Graduation (episode 7)

I went outside today looking for any new flowers. I have "gas plant" and peony bushes budding, but nothing new blooming. Or so I thought, until I spotted a splash of red behind the garage.

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We've lived here through 7 spring seasons and I've never noticed a tulip hiding back there before.

Since that was the only new flower, though I'm still enjoying the lilacs from last week, I decided to share my clothesline. I haven't used it in months!

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And last of all, the thing that's been occupying my time this week ... graduation is approaching!

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We are very proud of our daughter! She's making tough decisions as she prepares to launch into the world, but we know she will succeed at whatever career path she chooses. She's intelligent, outgoing and a hard worker, and I know God has a special purpose for her life.

Happy Spring!
April E.

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