Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Night We Didn't Make It To the Homeschool Group Fine Arts Fair

For today's Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop, I had planned to share about our homeschool group's Fine Arts Fair last night. We have one every year in April, and we try to attend each time. We don't usually have kids performing, because we haven't invested in music lessons for them. When my teens were younger, I was able to convince them to do skits, but not in recent years. One year my oldest daughter played the guitar and sang, but she almost had a panic attack before she got started.

Most of the time we take artwork the kids have made. This year we had planned to take some projects they are working on for 4-H. My 15 year old has been making decoupage art for her wall, and my 9 and 6 year olds are painting wooden initials for their walls.

Except, just as we were about to leave, my boys headed out to feed goats and found this ...

Needless to say, we didn't make it to the Homeschool Fine Arts Fair. Instead, we tried to slow down the fire with a hose while waiting for the fire trucks to arrive. I guess my kids got a real life lesson on rural fire service and fire safety instead. Four hours later, seven small fire trucks, and a front loader ... and it was controlled for the night. We have neighbors who will be helping keep an eye on the still-smoldering section that was separated from the rest of the tree pile (remnants of removing a treeline that separated two fields).

And that's part of our real life homeschool in the country.

April E.

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