Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Too funny not to share

My 4 year old is a character. She's silly, stubborn, independent, and smart. She has a classic case of me-first-itis at the moment.

Yesterday, I headed out to get the mail and she wanted to go along. She ran after me, hollering that she needed to be in front.

I paused to let her in front of me.

As she ran past, she said, "I have to be in front because I don't like looking at people's bottoms when I walk."

I laughed and asked her why she thought we wanted to look at her bottom while we walked.

She just said, "I don't like bottoms. They're ugly."

After we got the mail and headed back to the house, I let her walk in front again. As she walked, she said, "Do you like looking at my bottom while you walk, Mom?"

I said, "Yes, so I can do this" and gently swatted her rear end with the mail. She laughed and tried to get me to swat her again.

I've had 7 kids with me-first-itis before her, but she is the first one to tell me she had to go first because she didn't like looking at other people's bottoms. She can be pretty creative in her reasons for why something has to be done her way!

Here's a bonus picture of her playing a game she's really too young to play, because she HAD to play it with me yesterday morning. She kept wanting to guess infinity, and I had to tell her that would never be the right answer in this game.

Good thing I love her!

Are you on summer break with your kids? How are you starting your summer vacation?

April E.

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