Monday, June 1, 2015

Signs of Spring: More flowers ... and Baseball! (episode 13)

We're still blessed with cool, spring-like weather right now. Some years we've already had much warmer weather than this.  I don't know what that predicts for our summer, but I am not complaining, even with all the rain we've had here in the midwest.

Our flowers are slowly shifting from the late Spring flowers to our Summer flowers. We are transitioning. For us, that means a change from pinks to yellow and orange.
A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

And a sure sign that Spring is coming to an end is baseball season!  These games will take us just barely into true Summer (by the calendar).

A photo posted by April E (@elcloudapril) on

Not the best picture there, but I didn't want to compromise anyone on the team or the community.

Enjoy your final month of Spring!
April E.

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